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The Do’s & Don’ts of Natural Hair (Part 1)


The foundation

  • Do know that diet and exercise is a key element in growing healthy hair
  • Do drink plenty of water. This will boost the moisture in your hair and add luster.
  • Do take good care of your scalp; don’t clog it up, scratch it up or damage it chemically or with harsh shampoos and ingredients

Washing process

  • Do wash your hair weekly and after each time you go swimming in salt or chlorinated water
  • Do wash your hair in sections. This keeps your hair from tangling
  • Do pre-poo with olive oil or other penetrating oil for those with dry hair
  • Do use a moisturizing shampoo designed for dry, damaged or chemically treated hair (preferably sulfate-free). Sulfates strip your hair of its natural oils.  Natural hair can be dry enough and doesn’t need help from sulfates. 
  • Do co-wash between weekly shampoo dates as needed. Typically this is every 3-4 days.
  • Do clarify hair of buildup every 6-8 weeks with a clarifying shampoo. This isn’t really necessary if you are using all natural products (no “-cones”, parabens, sulfates etc.)
  • Do deep condition at least once a month. This is usually protein based. Try organic root stimulator replenishing conditioner or ion effective care treatment.
  • Do make sure you are not washing hair in “hard water”. Check your water. Get a showerhead filter if necessary.
  • Do detangle your hair only in the shower with conditioner in your hair. Use a denman brush or a smooth wide-tooth comb with rounded tips to detangle your hair. Start at the ends then work your way up to the roots.  You can also use fingers but do not detangle with a rat-tail. Leave that for parting hair.
  • Don’t towel dry your hair if you want you curls and coils to “pop”. Shake your head or squeeze the water out and air dry. See drying alternatives.

Products and moisture

  • Do apply a leave-in conditioner (or other water-based moisturizer) after washing and conditioning hair. Then apply an oil (like coconut, olive, avocado) and creamy product (like shea butter) to seal in moisturizer.

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